Friday, October 27, 2006

Some Thought For Food

I hadn't seen this article commented on by many, but I think that it reveals a lot about the candidates:
Grilling the candidates
10 running for public office tell what they do and don't eat - and why
Tucson Citizen

Candidates reveal their human side, often humorously, when they answer this type of kitschy questions. For example:

Kyl didn;t respond, proving that he feels he is above these questions and takes himself far too seriously.

Graf only answered two questions, showing that he is afraid to show his true side (or maybe that he really is, deep down inside just a shallow person!)

Giffords admits that she loves cheeseburgers, revealing that she is honest and doesn't concern herself with appearing too pedestrian. And revelation that her Astronaut Fiancee (a macho profession if there ever was one) makes apple pies reveals that she is more concerned about honesty that protecting a loved one from what is sure to be some pretty harsh ribbing from fellow astronauts at NASA!

Munsil's favorite meal gives off a good ol down to earth, old fashioned feel. (or reveals that he makes his wife work her tail off on Sundays! :) )He turned his disclosure of his love for Krispy Kreme into a shot @ Napolitano reveals one of two things: either he is desperate and ready and willing to blame anything on Janet, OR he really does have a keen sense of humor.

Pederson's admitted preference for Italian food shows that he will buck the trend and give is the right answer, as opposed to giving the answer he thinks we want to hear, ie the stock answer "mexican food".

Janet is proud of her Italian heritage and not afraid to admit it, which I think is good for a non-hispanic to do. She really does need to lay off of the ice cream, however.

Barry Hess, Libertarian candidate for governor clearly had the best answers, particulalry the 'sodium pentathol tablets' comment. It shows creativity, honesty and humor. (the latter being a requirement as a 3rd party candidate, I would assume).

Grijalva claims that his love for green corn tamales shows he loves his mother, but does it really? Come now, Raul, making green corn tamales is a heck of a lot of work! She shows that she loves YOU by making them! (Just kidding about the loving your mother part, but making green corn tamales IS a lot of hard work. But, I would love your mother if she made ME a couple of dozen green corn tamales!)

the most bizarre has to be from CD8 independent candidate Jay Quick:
Independent candidates candidly eat dates while lying under palm trees on deserted islands.
We drink pure icy water from fast running mountain streams and cook papaya leaves over coals while watching the sun extinguish itself into the ocean every evening. For protein we barbecue ship wrecked Republicans and Democrats who've washed upon the shore.
Every night we lay out a place setting on the beach for Isis. She often stops in for dinner. Her tastes are simple - a mug of warm mead is all that she requires as she brings us tales of the deeds of heroic adventurers from other worlds.
At night we sleep independently in deep tents which we've fashioned from the skins of hundreds of frond eating frogs. Clouds fly by at night across the sky carrying politicians to their wars and returning wounded warriors to their countrymen.
Dawn erases images of stars from the blackboard of the night and we rise, as all good men and women must, to chores of maintenance. We wind the clocks to start the world on it's day. We stir the coals to ignite the sun. We rouse the birds and send them aloft as scouts and messengers of good and evil intent.
Such is the steady and true life of the truly independent - no party animals are we!

Clearly he lives in a fantasy world. Is it any wonder he has dropped out of the debates because of what he called the 'animosity between Giffords and Graf' (no more debates, says CD8 candidate)


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