Wednesday, October 25, 2006

"Rush" to Judgement: Limbaugh attacks Michael J. Fox

Rush Limbaugh has done it again. In a repeat of his never ending personal attacks on those that disagree with his myopic view of the world, Limbaugh attacked Michael J. Fox's appearance in TV ads for democratic senate candidates in Missouri and Maryland. In the ads, Fox "sways uncontrollably" while looking into the camera. Rush Limbaugh stated that Fox was "exaggerating the effects of the disease... He's moving all around and shaking, and it's purely an act." and that Fox was "allowing his illness to be exploited and in the process is shilling for a Democrat politician." (link)

Limbaugh should be ashamed of himself (and for a whole lot of reason besides this incident). Parkinson's is not a disease that is completely controlled by drugs (and Rush knows about drugs, doesn't he). The person with Parkinson's often have good and bad days, often in spite of the drugs designed to control the tremors. Anyone who remembers Mo Udall, one of my heroes, and his bout with Parkinson's will recall that he would appear fine one day, and be barely able to communicate the next.

Rush Limbaugh was once disabled, he suffered from hearing loss, should have more sympathy and understanding. It is no surprise however that he doesn't, because he chose to hide and deny his disability from his listeners. Fortunately for him, he was able to have surgery to correct his hearing problem. (one that just may have been caused by his own abuse of prescription medications such as OxyContin). Why does he deny Fox and others who have diseases such as Parkinson's a chance at a cure?

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