Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Friends of Dick Cheney BEWARE!!!

Seems the Veep has been spotted shopping at a hunting store, dressed to kill:

Dick Cheney Still in the Hunt:
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Vice President Dick Cheney was spotted visiting a hunting store in Thomasville, Georgia Tuesday, the latest sign the avid hunter has not given up on his favorite pastime despite accidentally shooting a friend in the face on a hunting jaunt last spring.

The vice president -- sporting hunting regalia -- was greeted with cheers as he entered and exited the store.

Cheney also spent the past Election Day hunting in South Dakota -- his first trip since the accidental shooting last February.
Harry Reid, have you been invited to a special gathering with the Vice President? Wear full body armor!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Speaker Pelosi loses round 1

Nancy Pelosi's attempt to pack the House leadership positions w/her cronies such as Murtha has failed.

Although some like Murtha's anti-war stance, I see him as too closely tied to old-school backroom pork deals. In my book, this makes him very UNLIKELY towant to change how Congress does business. That and his ties to the Arabscam scandal (though he was not charged with any wrong-doing).

This past election was about changing how things are done in DC. I hope Speaker Pelosi truly realizes that.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Not quite the "you won't have Randy Graf to Kick Around" speech I'd hoped for

But it is close:

Graf says '08 run for CD8 not very likely

A day after losing his bid for Congress, Republican Randy Graf said Wednesday he doesn't intend to run for the Congressional District 8 seat two years from now.

"I'm never going to say never to anything, but at this time, I don't see that as a likely possibility."

So, he won't run for Congress in two years! That is very good news for the Republicans, who hope they can find someone with a broader appeal. So, is he done with politics... Hardly:

"Let's just say there is a strong chance I'll remain involved in politics," he said. He wouldn't say whether or not that involved running for office.

Without a doubt, he will run for office. His ego won't let him be just a behind the scenes politician. Maybe he will try and return to the state legislature in two years. If McCain decides to forgo running for re-election to the Senate in '08 to focus on running for president, I could see him taking a shot at that. He could always go back to running for school board.

As much as we hate his politics, admit it, it would be fun to see him run again and screw up the Republican primary!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Republicans playing fast and loose to the END!

So, wondered why the Rumsfeld 'resgination' came so soon after the election? Well, wonder no more!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006
Gates confirmation to move ahead, despite Senate uncertainty
from Alexander Mooney-->
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The Senate Foreign Relations Committee will proceed "quickly" with the nomination of Bob Gates for defense secretary and will not wait for new leadership to take the reins if Democrats win the Senate, the panel's top Republican and Democrat both said Wednesday.

Sen. John Warner, R-Va., the current chairman of the committee, said the pressing duties of a defense chief necessitate moving ahead with Gates' confirmation, despite the possibility that power might change hands.

"We're at war," Warner said. "The decision-making of that department must be in the hands of an individual who has the confirmation behind him."

However, Warner said the usual confirmation process would be followed andno corners would be cut to move it along more quickly. (CNN Political Ticker, Wed7PM)

So, they will rush this through, but NOT cut corners! Ha! Come on, Republicans, why stop NOW??? You've only got TWO more months to cut corners.... you are addicted to it, you will need as many corners cut as you can grab, as they will have to lst you a Loooong loong time!

URGENT: Put John McCain on Suicide Watch!!!

A couple of weeks ago, I came across a quote from John McCain, one that I copied and pasted into a word document , hoping that I would be able to use after the elections. Well, that time is here, the situation is looking like it just may be Johnny M's worst nightmare:

Thursday, Oct. 19, 2006

I think I'd just commit suicide. I don't want to face that eventuality because I don't think it's going to happen.

— Sen. John McCain

on a visit to Iowa to campaign for Republican congressional candidates, when asked of his reaction to a potential Democratic takeover of the Senate

I believe that this came from Time's quotes of the day webpage.

Now, I really don't want the senior senator from Arizona to go out an off himself, but it would be nice to force hi to eat his words. Here's hoping things turn out BLUE in Virginia and Montana!

UPDATE: It is OFFICIAL 51-49 majority-control of the senate...... Keep all guns, sharp instruments, bridges, power tools, etc out of reach of the sr senator from Arizona!!!!1

Friday, November 03, 2006

Pederson For Senate rally: short vid

Here is a short video made from pictures and clips from the Pederson for Congress rally here in Tucson on November 2nd.


Sadly, I lost 1/2 of the video clips I took due to technical issues with the memory card in my digital camera.