Monday, November 12, 2007


Get one as soon as you can, regardless of your current immigration status! Best of all, they are free! This gringo has one!

Before I get a bunch of hate mail, the 'Green Card' I refer to has to do with good Mexican food and helping the environment and nothing to do with INS.
Let me explain:

Tania's Flour Tortillas
has a promotion called the "Green Card" to help the environment, save you some money, and get you hooked on some great food. Here is how it works: You get your green card when you make a purchase. on your next visit, if you do one of several things on the card to help the environment, you get either a 10% discount, free cold plate, free chips and salsa, free valu burrito, or a free drink.

This is not just about promoting a business that is helping the environment. The food there is great.

Go get your "Green Card"