Wednesday, October 04, 2006

AZ Congressman backs Hastert

In a letter to his colleages, conservative Republican congressman John Shadegg (AZ) backs Hastert, says calls for his resignation and attacks on him 'unwarranted and unfair'.

How so, John? The man was given evidence that Foley was engaging in inapporiate contact with UNDERAGE pages!! in the letter, Shadegg states:
Before coming to Congress he both taught and coached high school students. In Congress, he has fought vigorously, and at times almost single-handedly to protect America’s youth from the scourge of illegal drugs. His lifelong dedication to America’s youth is unquestionable

Yeah, and Foley wrote key legislation to protect kids from on-line predators and was on the committee on Missing and Eploited Children. Shadegg also goes on to say:

To demand his resignation, based on the current facts and before the full investigation that he has called for is completed, is unwarranted and wrong.

The problem is, Hastert et all blocked an attempt to FULLY investigate who knew of "Foley's Follies" and when they knew it.
If Hastert is as innocent as you say, conduct the full investigation. You went after Clinton over his lying about his extra curricular activities witha consenting adult, you should be ready to do that and more about someone who ignored or covered up information about sexual advances on underage pages.

Shadegg's letter

By the way, it looks like there were warnings about Foley going back to his first term:
Warnings about Rep. Mark Foley (R-Florida) go back more than a decade, the Washington Post reports. "In 1995, male House pages were warned to steer clear of a freshman Republican from Florida, who was already learning the names of the teenagers, dashing off notes, letters and e-mails to them, and asking them to join him for ice cream."

From the CNN Political Ticker
Looks like the cover-up may go back a full decade!

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