Friday, February 22, 2008

Forget the blanket, Linus can pull his Glock 9 to feel Secure

Well, leave it to the Arizona Legislature to try and find more reasons and places for folks to draw their guns.

Several years ago, it was guns in bars. Last year it was a bill allow guns in any public location, and earlier this session the bill to allow teachers to pack heat.

Now, they want to make it easier for folks to draw their weapons without breaking the law, as long as they feel or perceive a threat: Panel says pull your gun if you feel endangered.

I have no problem with someone defending themselves if their life or the life of a loved one is in immediate danger, but to basically allow folks to draw their guns if they perceive danger is plain asinine. Hey old lady, that Black kid makes you feel insecure? Pull out that .32 snubnose and show him whose boss! Teenagers all dressed in black make you feel awkward at the mall? Hey middle-aged white woman, just pull out your .25 from your purse and show them how secure you feel.

Gang-bangers carrying a gun? Cops can't touch you, because you were just showing everyone that you are not going to be intimidated.

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