Monday, January 28, 2008

My Letter to Sen. Aboud

As an educator I was absolutely appalled by your statement that you might be able to support Russell Pearce-Karen Johnson proposed bill that would allow teachers to carry guns in schools.

The actual cases where a gun in the hands of a teacher could have possibly prevented violence are few. Incidents at Columbine, Va Tech, UofA College of Nursing could possibly been mitigated by a teacher had they been armed. But only if the armed person had actually been close by and been able to get off a good, clean shot.

There is far more danger, however, in having teachers in a school carrying a firearm. Just last week at Rincon/University High School (where you used to teach) there was an incident that could have been deadly. Image that the assistant principal was one of those teachers that was carrying a firearm. She was knocked out when she fell and hit her head. Had she been armed, that would have left a gun within easy reach of some of the students who were fighting. What had been a fight between several girls could have quickly turned into a tragedy.

Imagine an over-worked, stressed out teacher with a gun. On a regular basis teachers that are otherwise caring educators 'go off' on a student or students. Teachers are human, and a confrontational situation could easily escalate into a deadly situation.

I have 3 kids in school here in Tucson (oldest is a junior at Rincon) and I sure as hell do not want them attending a school where the teachers might be armed.

Please re-think your support of this proposal.

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