Thursday, February 15, 2007

Is John McCain a man of his word??

We may have the chance to find out, MAY that is. The senior senator from the great state of Arizona and perennial Presidential candidate filed a voluntary statement with the Sec'ty of State Brewer that says he would resign if he lost a recall election. Well, the paperwork for a recall election has been filed and petitions are now being circulated.

Recall drive targets McCain over Iraq
A new recall drive targets Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., a top contender for the 2008 GOP presidential nomination.

Organizers oppose McCain's continued support of the unpopular Iraq war and consider him complicit in what they perceive as the erosion of American civil liberties associated with the war on terror.

"For the most part, he's been all right, but he's supposed to be representing Arizona, and right now he seems to be just representing himself," said William Crum, treasurer of Americans for Integrity and Justice, the Glendale-based recall committee. "He's got tunnel-vision for the presidency."
The recall application filed Tuesday with the Arizona Secretary of State's Office accuses McCain of "shirking his duties as a senator from the great state of Arizona" and of having "acquiesced in his role as a member of the legislative branch to strongly check the power of the chief executive, who has for all intents and purposes become a king."

"Please, help restore our democracy, recall 'Bloody John McCain,' " the handwritten application says.

McCain's Senate office did not respond to requests for comment. McCain was elected to his fourth Senate term in 2004 and is not up for re-election until 2010.

The recall group faces long odds. It must collect 381,696 valid petition signatures by June 13 to force a statewide vote. That is 25 percent of all votes cast in the 2004 Senate election. Although McCain is a federal officeholder not bound by the Arizona Constitution's recall provisions, he has signed a voluntary pledge on file with the Secretary of State's Office agreeing to resign immediately if defeated in a recall election.

I doubt that they will gather enough signatures, but lets play make believe.
If they do get the sigs and the recall goes forward, McCain has a huge warchest to fight the recall and would likely win. But I don't think things would get that far. His pledge says he would resign if he lost, but I think he or others on his behalf would challenge the validity of the recall on Constitutional grounds. The recall provision does not apply to senators, and that will be the basis of a challenge, that I believe would be successful. McCain could not afford to be fighting a recall while running for President, there is no way he lets this get in his way, he will back such an effort to challenge the recall, though probably under the table. (though I could see some other Republican prez candidate quietly funding the defense of the recall)

Besides, we already know that Mr McCain is not a man of his word. HE still walks this Earth after promising to kill himself if the Democrats took back the senate and house.


Anonymous said...

By William Crum AZ congressman of the future

Understand this all who think they are better than the rest of us, GOD BLESS YOU because you need it more than anyone.
Secondly, it is easier to stand in the back and critizise then put in all on the line. It's like saying that you are coward but then there are people like AA and TC who are afraid to step out in the front who are.
Unfortunately, the other six or seven people who write on this site, I sorry I dragged you all into this fight. If they are so embarrass that they wrote an article in the first place, they should have written the article. I, personally, stand behind what I write despite the rage I write with. The only problem with me is that I am human and I am basically like most of the people in this country: an Average Joe. Say what you want and I am going to say what I want, so help me God. To all: God Bless You and Peace to all.

AZW88 said...


Googling the name William Crum, I find reference to the Recall McCain effort, but you seem to be slighting me for some reason. I am no fan of McCain (whom I refer to as McCarpetbagger elsewhere in on my blog). I've personally called him out on his BS on his visit to Kayenta, AZ in 1999 or 2000, telling him, "Thanks for coming, senator. Next time visit us when you AREN'T running for President".. found out what a temper he has!).