Friday, October 26, 2007

borrowing an idea from the old USSR..

One federal agency was working to create their own news agency, not unlike TASS. Seems FEMA can't be bothered with calling in reporters for a press conference, so they brought in their own employees to ask questions the other day: FEMA under fire for faking news conference. Softball questions, Pollyanna answers, and stress-free time for all involved.

The White House chastized the effort, but said they don't think there was any "mal-intent"
Really, now???

-Press Conference called with only 15 minute notice
-reporters could listen in via phone, but not ask questions.
-employees asked the questions.

No, no attempt at deception attempted here. All that was missing was a 'great job, brownie'.

I guess having fake reporters is better than jailing real ones. Wonder if Sherrif Joe and his buddy Thomas up in Maricopa will try and follow this example for their pressers in the future...

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