Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Spinning Wheels got to go 'Round

As I predicted, McCain says that he was just joking around with the NH high schooler when he called him a "little jerk".
McCain: Little jerk Comment Made in Jest

Speaking with CNN about the remarks, McCain added that "especially with young people, but with everybody, you got have a sense of humor and exchange."

McCain added, "He's entitled to his views and I respect them and that's why I made sure he was able to respond three or four times. I think that's what young people expect."

Gee, I thought that young people wanted to be respected, especially one that asks a very serious and valid question. McCain is like that old man that knows everything and gets pissed when you point out that he is wrong, often going into a tirade about something completely different to change the subject. You don't dare question his knowledge or his view of the world.

This is why Johnny-Mac can't see that his campaign is all but dead.

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