Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Heeeeeree's Johnny!!!!

Well, Carpet-bagger John has officially, officially declared his candidacy for President (His what, 3rd declaration??) and he has already made his first offical grab for some headlines:
McCain: Gonzales should depart 'out of loyalty' to Bush

WASHINGTON CNN) -- Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain said Wednesday that he is "disappointed" in the performance of embattled Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, and he believes it would be in President Bush's best interests for Gonzales to step aside.

"I think that out of loyalty to the president that that would probably be the best thing that he could do," McCain said in an interview with CNN's "Larry King Live."

McCain, who has been a strong backer of the war in Iraq, also said he was "surprised" and "disappointed" by Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid's recent statements that he believes the war is lost.
So, McCain wants Gonzales to resign out of "loyalty to Bush." I guess he sees nothing wrong with the AG's actions.

I see this as McCain wanting to have his cake and eat it too.... He want to appear as a loyal Bush supporter on one hand, and supporting a change on the other.....

So what is up with Johnny???? He just wants every Republican to love him... (and give him a shyte-load of $$)

*The use of the term Loyalty to Bush is JC's attempt to paint himself as a Bush Loyalist... and Johnny sells his soul further dwon the river

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