Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My random thoughts during the speech.

OK, here are my random thoughts while the speech was in progress. Forgive grammar and spelling issues. A more coherent post will come later:

The State of the Union.

Not as smug look on his face as last year at this time.... interesting how a dish of humble pie served up by the voters this past November can change a man!

Sucking up to the women and the Democrats right out of the gate.

Nice touch, mentioning Johnson and Norwood. I do hope they both make a speedy recovery.

Determined enemies... on and on with that theme.

Economy on the move, but for whom! Wages up, but healthcare costs rising faster.

Oh, Now he wants to balance the budget...... took him 6 years but he realizes there's a problem!

Eliminates the Federal deficit in 5 years?? BULLSHIT, not with billions being spent in Iraq. Earmarks increased with the Republicans.

McCain looks smug as ell as if HE wrote that....

Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid reform.
NCLB getting a lot of attention, but his budget proposals have made major cuts the past two years.

NCLB and tons of unfunded mandates. Will he fund it now?? No mention of funding for NCLB, just reauthorization..

Healthcare: TAX DEDUCTIONS!! Is that his answer to everything??? How does a tax deduction help!

Price transparency??? how about some transparency in how the Whitehouse handles the creation of public policy!

Immigration: Temprary worker program.... that won't go anywhere. Enforce at the workplace, (but only at certain companies)

Resolve status of illegal workers without animosity and without amnesty.....

Stable supply of energy.. and a stable supply of $$ for his friends.


Reduce gasoline usage by 20% in 10 years..... (not a very lofty goal for such a long period of time)

More research on Alt fuels...
Oh, the congressman from Ohio loves it.. more profits for corn farmers, (but corn-based ethanol is NOT very efficient)

Oh, climate change... how about signing the Kyoto Accord!!

Fair and impartial: sure, how about recinding the patriot act for starters.

Protecting America: “to win the war we must take the fight to the enemy” (then why the frick are we in Iraq???)

OK, PROOF of these alleged plots!! I bet he has the same level of proof for these acts as he did for Iraq having WMDs!

He is turning this into a war against Islam with this rhetoric of Sunnis this and Shias that..

He still misses the point about what drives people to joining the terrorists.

Not the fight we joined but the fight we are in... how about calling the fight we helped to create!

And didn't he just describe a civil war?? (re comments about Sunnis bombing Shia mosque and the Shia retaliation and the continued escalation)

he still doesn't get it. Al Qeada would NOT be in Iraq if WE hadn't gone in their first!!. HE created this problem. We should have focused on Afghanistan and fought the terrorists THERE, not create other battlefields for them.

He keeps saying the Sunni's are allied with Al Q, but Bin Laden wanted the Sunni rule in Iraq to END!

Support the troops... great rallying cry that means NOTHING. He labels ANY dissent to his policies as NOT supporting the troops.

Building up the number of US troops... 92K increase. Questions:
1: where will the $$ come from to pay and equip them?
2: Where will the recruits come from??? They can't meet quotas now!

So, he wants a sort of volunteer corps??? To me, it sounded like an antithesis of the PEACE CORPS..

Fund the Millennium challenge, supporting democracies where democracy increasing and corrupting retreating.... wow, money for Washington DC!!

and over.....

OK, Money for AIDS, malaria, a larger military, money for alt fuels research, money for emerging democracies, another tax deduction, no increase in taxes, and a balanced budget to boot!!


Zelph said...

Ponies. Where were the ponies? Free ponies for everyone and ... a balanced budget too.

Anonymous said...

you missed a couple, my friend: "clean coal", and my favorite "a coaltion of terrorist groups runnig Iraq" (just imagine that!)

azwildcat88 said...

Yes, I did miss the Clean Coal. And Coal IS clean.... as long as you don't dig it out of the ground, handle it or burn it....

Scary thought is he mentioned Nuclear power (or did he say Nu-Q-lar) and SAFE in the same sentence.... whatta maroon!